Thursday, September 06, 2007

Harvest has started!

Yes another year has passed and it was busy!
Traveling the world to present our wines, after all the work in cellar was done.
Bangkok and Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, have no more secrets.
Present at Vinexpo in Bordeaux in June, and here we are in September, under a beautiful sun harvest has started.
Another cycle in the vine comes to an end , and if we had some worries, as always, the fruit looks good.

No disease, no mildew. Languedoc escaped the bad weather seen in Bordeaux and Burgundy.
No hail, not much rain.
And the we really see the positive result of our organic approach! Healthy vines and great fruit.

As we did last year we will post (at least try to) every day on the progress.

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