Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lots has happened since our last post on the blog.

The weather is still holding up, all the Whites are in the cellar.

The Reds start to come in, first the Merlot and now the Syrah, the fruit is just stunning.
The work all year in the vinyard is showing. Not a single rot, homogeneous berries, great taste and maturity.

The villages around are in full swing, harvesting machines, tractors, are all over the vinyards.

This is crunch time, the weather might change and some rain is predicted for tomorrow, the sensitive Syrah has to be picked before the showers if only possible.

We are only hand picking, no harvesting machine on our land, so we are scrambling to get a few more pickers to join the team.

In the cellar the white juice has started to ferment, a slow movement of the liquid shows the intense activity fermentation creates.

The reds are destemmed and dropped into the fermentation tanks, no pressing of course.

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